Flexible Pouches & Doypacks

Pre-made pouches for the consumer market
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Benefits & Features

Plain or printed pouches available

Digital and flexographic printing options

Multiple seal and closure formats

Sustainable, recyclable material to OPRL standards

Multiple material options with a range of finish options

Different size options

Reflex has a wide range of flexible pouches perfect for packaging a wide variety of consumer goods in multiple industries. With access to a range of materials and finishes, you can have a fully customisable end product.

Flexible pouches give brands a dynamic shelf-appeal, alongside helping to prolong the life of the product inside. At Reflex we offer flexible packaging solutions that follow OPRL standards – meaning our pouches can be made with recyclable, mono-polymer laminates.

Flexible Pouches & Doypacks Applications

There are many applications where flexible pouches are suitable due to the literal flexibility of the product, flexible pouches can be utilised in almost every industry! Some common uses include:

  • Sweet pouches
  • Pet food
  • Protein Powders
  • Refill liquid pouches
  • Coffee
  • Cereal
  • Beauty products

.. the list goes on!

Recyclable & Sustainable Flexible Pouches & Doypacks

Flexible products are not currently recyclable in standard waste bin collections, requiring them to be recycled through front of store collections only.

At Reflex we are educated on the current recycling schemes and standards, following OPRL guidelines, but also keeping up to date with the latest retailer and EU guidelines for flexible recyclables.

All of our flexible products can be reprocessed by front of store recycling schemes.

Frequently asked questions

Where are Reflex flexible pouches produced?
Our bags and pouches are produced at our manufacturing sites in Shropshire and Leicestershire. Which are both BRCGS certified manufacturing sites.
What are your sustainable options?
We can offer different material options that comply with OPRL guidelines and retail recyclable standards. We can tailor existing or new products based on the latest guidelines and consult with brands to ensure the end product is the most suitable.
What formats and finishes do you offer?

We offer stand up, layflat and doypacks. These then can have various seal and closure formats.

Finishes and options include:

  • Matte, tactile, gloss, & foil
  • Euroslot / display hanging holes
  • Tear notches
  • Zippers
  • Transparent windows