Reflex helps top pet food brand increase labelling capacity by over 80%


When leading D2C pet wellness brand, Bella & Duke, embarked on a mission to update their pet food packaging, Reflex and Ravenwood joined forces to create a bespoke solution that exceeded the brands expectations, delivering a range of environmental and commercial benefits.

Since making the move from a plastic ‘ice-cream tub’ style of packaging with a self-adhesive top label, to a c-wrap linerless label over a fully sealed thermoform tray, Bella and Duke has enjoyed several advantages, including:

  • 98% reduction in packaging shipping costs & reduced carbon footprint
  • 80% increase in weekly labelling capacity
  • 38% reduction in plastic packaging
  • Full control of its food preparation and packaging process
  • A more premium look and feel in keeping with the brand
  • Double the label space for additional product information, marketing and promotions

Bella and Duke was founded in 2017 by dog lovers Tony Ottley and Mark Scott after spotting a gap in the market for top quality, locally sourced raw foods to help pets live longer and stay happier and healthier.

Since its launch, the business has gone from strength to strength and they now deliver their ranges of frozen, raw food to homes all over the UK and are the largest D2C pet wellness brand in the country.

Bella and Duke’s recipes were originally being prepared and packaged into plastic ‘ice-cream’ style tubs with a lid and self-adhesive label by a third party, but as a result of their rapid growth needed a packaging option that would help meet supply demands, give them more control of the packaging process and reduce the amount of plastic used.

Their new packaging features a thermoform tray weighing 13g, replacing the 21g pre-formed plastic tubs which has resulted in a significant saving in plastic packaging. Unlike traditional self-adhesive labels, the new c-wrap linerless labels contain no backing liner and feature double the surface print area with both the face and underside free for print.

Tony Ottley says: “Reflex were extremely accommodating, providing support and advice both on the label design and print. They enabled a seamless transition from the previous method of label application to the new linerless one”

Find out more about linerless labels here

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