Reflex at 20 years – Going Global


It’s fair to say that the last few months have been pretty exciting in the Reflex world!

Not only have we been creating, printing, and distributing packaging for some of the world’s biggest brands, we’ve been working on lots of secret projects (some of which we can now divulge) and taking a trip down memory lane as we reflect on the last 20 years of business.

The Reflex family is growing

To celebrate turning two decades old we recently shared the news that the Reflex family is growing with not just one, but THREE new sites.

Watch this short video to find out where they are located.


A huge warm welcome to our newest colleagues in Poland, Norway, and Australia.

A global business

This news means we are now a global organisation, operating from our network of over 25 sites across six countries and providing our unique end-to-end service across the world, 24 hours a day – the sun never sets on Reflex!

Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be taking a deeper look at each of our new sites from time to time, sharing more information about the services they will be offering. We’ll also introduce you to some of the key members of each of the teams there – and maybe some new websites too whilst we’re at it!

Our end-to-end service

Our truly unique end-to-end service is unlike anything you will have experienced elsewhere, they don’t call it the ‘Reflex difference’ for nothing:

  • Design – From brand conception to product photography and everything in between, our in-house team of experts at Graphic Brands can help with your design or branding project, whatever stage of development it’s at.
  • Prototyping – Our team at Proof+ will bring your packaging and print to life before running a full production print, delivering press-ready proofs that match exact print standards. This includes a full CAD service that uses the latest technology to create bespoke solutions for your packaging needs.
  • Artwork and repro – The unseen heroes of the print world! Our artwork and repro teams work tirelessly to ensure your packaging meets brand guidelines, regulatory compliance, and colour standards. They also ensure the copy, fonts and print parameters are all correct before going to print.
  • Colour management – The Colour Hive is the colour guardian of your brand. We will manage and communicate colour consistently and correctly throughout every stage of the print process, creating colour match predictions, simulating print profiles and producing offline ink drawdowns.
  • Sustainable packaging – Offering a full range of sustainable and recyclable packaging options using FSC and PEFC accredited carton board, just like these M&S tomato punnets
  • Premium Labels – Reflex Label Plus is our multi-award-winning and premium labelling solution for brands looking for an enhanced service along with luxury labels and packaging.
  • Photography – From our Manchester studio we create high-quality and visually impactful imagery that will elevate your brand to the next level. Includes pack shots, product placement shots and lifestyle shots.
  • Labelling equipment and machinery – Established in 2006, Reflex Systems offers a full range of labelling machines and equipment. Specialising in products that have been deemed ‘impossible to label’ our team of experts will navigate you through the sometimes-challenging process of selecting the labelling equipment you need for your business.

Raise a glass to the future

We have a solid track record of employing some of the most talented print professionals in the industry, giving them access to the very best technology, machines, and tools. We’ve mastered our craft over the last 20 years and now look forward to sharing this experience with the rest of the world.

Cheers to that!

Any questions about what is featured in this post?

We’re always happy to answer any questions or enquiries you may have.

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