Introducing the Colour HIVE, Reflex’s dedicated colour management facility


At Reflex we understand the importance of communicating through colour; from the initial concept, pre-press and production, right through to consumer interaction – colour matters!

Our new facility based in Ossett Leeds, aptly named ‘Colour HIVE’, is the colour guardian of your brand. The Colour Hive manages and communicates colour consistently and correctly throughout every stage of the print process. The HIVE creates colour match predictions, simulates print profiles, and produces offline ink draw downs, with the ability to read and measure a variety of print, metallic inks, and opacities.

The Colour HIVE manages colour in many ways to ensure they can support all aspects relating to colour matching and management, they do this with:Colour hive lab

  • Spectral data
  • Substrate print profiles
  • Hard and soft proofing
  • Central repositories
  • Ink batch verification
  • Tooling benchmarks
  • Distribution of target data
  • Weekly and monthly reporting
  • Software training/support
  • Spectrophotometer management and print trials

Colour HIVE supports all the Reflex sites by working with artwork teams, reprographic and plate departments, development teams and key suppliers. This guarantees that all work from Reflex that has been through the HIVE will have perfect colour profiles that you can trust.

We’re proud to have Pulse Roll Label Products – our ink partner, as sponsor of the Colour HIVE, sharing the same key goals and passions for colour and technology development, driven by innovation.  This sponsorship allows Colour HIVE to benefit from using pre-press equipment, InkFormulation Software, pre-press proofing, and digital colour management using the PureTone FPC database.

PureTone UV flexo inks from our sponsor produce brighter, cleaner colours due to the mono-pigmented formulation of the mixing bases. The high strength formulation means a reduced ink consumption making it more environmentally friendly than its counterparts.

The use of PureTone inks allows for us to achieve the highest print quality and consistency in the colours used. These are used across every Reflex Labels site and in combination with the Colour Hive, guarantee the highest quality end-product.

The Colour Hive is expertly led by Reflex’s King bee and colour wizard, Jonathan Jennison (or JJ as he’s affectionately known!)

JJ Our colour hive expertJJ said: “Over the past twenty years, the Reflex Group has prided itself on being a progressive, forward-thinking company; always willing to make the investment in people, knowledge, skills and equipment in order to maintain the competitive edge.

At Reflex, we take great pride in our colour communication and colour-control. Achievement and recognition have been made over the years due to a significant process of investment in skills and equipment.

This year Reflex decided to establish a dedicated new suite to ensure we are positioned firmly at the forefront of colour capability, and colour advances within our industry.

Establishing a facility that is both focused and equipped to help production, R&D, training and project hosting, with key partnerships. We feel Reflex offers an unrivalled package for colour management. 

This is ‘Colour HIVE Reflex’

As well as the state-of-the-art colour management facility, Colour HIVE also has an adjoining training suite, perfect for training and educating groups, hosting projects and introductions to what our team can do!

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