Celebrating the Colour HIVE & Saving Bees!


We’ve always been committed to doing our bit for the environment (head to our sustainability page to find out more) but over the past year, we’ve turned our attention towards the little winged creatures that ensure our food grows and nature keeps ticking over Bees!

Back in July, we partnered with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, and since then have been working alongside them to support the fantastic initiatives and projects they deliver across the country.

Our love of bees and work with the trust inspired the name of our new colour technology studio which we’re calling the Colour HIVE. To read all about our revolutionary colour hive and what it will enable us to do for you, read our article on the launch.

Wildflower mix seed packet

To celebrate the launch of the Colour Hive we’ve given every Reflex employee a sachet of bee-friendly wildflower seeds, along with sowing instructions in a beautiful recyclable card.

We’re hoping that by summer 2022 there will be hundreds of gardens up and down the country alive with beautiful blooms and buzzing bees!

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